"You'll never take me alive, scumbags!"

- Xela

Xela was a small, but dangerous Bounty Hunter on the planet, Baxitus. He made his debut in the 5th episode of the SALVATION series. He is killed when he suicides to destroy a drone.

Biography Edit

Xela, like Nahtan, were called to the Argun City Arena to participate in a contest that would decide which Bounty Hunters are truly worth to hunt down the holder of the Staff of Alzav. The group of Bounty Hunters were then attacked by a horde of machines. Xela held his own against many Triders before being confronted by a massive drone. After a brief, but vicious battle Xela was literally disarmed by the machine. However, silently pulling out a plasma grenade Xela smashed it in the ground, blowing himself and the machine to ashes. His death is later lamented by Nahtan before he is also killed.

Personality and Traits Edit

Xela was a silent and precise hunter, he used his small stature to make his bounty's feel overconfident and thus take them down easier without killing them. He hardly ever underestimated his opponents, however, this would eventually cost him dearly in Argun City. He was good partners with Nahtan, despite the madman's inability to be quiet or keep their bounty's alive. He was always willing to put his life on line, willing to go to great lengths to achieve victory even at the cost of his own life.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Xela's arsenal included a twin-barrel shotgun, similar to Nahtan's, that can pierce metal armor. He also carried plasma grenades, which when activated can disintegrate anything within 10 feet of the detonation range.

Notes Edit

  • Xela was created and voiced by GodofGameProductions.

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