"Load. Aim. Fire."

- Thirzon

Thirzon is a strong and strategic commander of the Resistance.

Biography Edit

Thirzon was a soldier who defended his people against threats and was a high ranking member of his society and his people as well as the city that his species lived in. Thirzon was a friend of Alzav, who opposed the evils of the being Baxitus who attacked the planet Trian with his mechanical army. Unfortunately, Thirzon and his people were betrayed by one of their own who disabled the force field around the city where Thirzon and his kind lived and allowed the drones to destroy the city and kill many of its citizens. Thirzon and a few of his troops escaped and watched their home burned to the ground. In response, Thirzon and most of his people sided with Alzav and the Resistance to destroy Baxitus and his general Vadak and to get revenge on the traitor who caused the destruction of Thirzon's hometown. Thirzon followed Alzav into countless victories against Baxitus's armies. Thirzon also participated in the attack on Baxitus's fotress. Unfortunately, Alzav was killed by Baxitus himself, who also expelled his powerful weapon, the Staff of Alzav, into space to prevent its further use against him. Thirzon and the Resistance, now led by Kelgar, Alzav's deputy, were forced to retreat and began the Resistance's decline. Thirzon was promoted to deputy. Years later, Thirzon witnessed the coming of the soldier Volta presented by fellow fighter Laxx, who also now wielded the Staff of Alzav, much to everyone's shock. At first, Thirzon disapproved of Volta and believed he was a synthetic impersonating Alzav, but was stopped by Kelgar. Later, the Resistance's base was attacked by Vadak, who pursued Volta to kill him and destroy the staff. Thirzon helped his fellow resistance fighters destroy the drones and was able to destroy most of Vadak's drones. Volta was able to use the staff's powers to defeat Vadak, but the Resistance was focred to retreat as the base was damaged.

Personality and Traits Edit

Information coming soon.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Thirzon's personal favorite weapon is his Shotgun, a blaster that can tear a hole in any machine armor.

Notes Edit

  • Thirzon was voiced by Shadowgear6335 for the first 3 episodes he appeared in SALVATION. He was replaced by Devastator12L.

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