SALVATION is a stop-motion series created by TheShadowedOne1. It details a great war between the Resistance and the Machine Armies.


The Plot will remain empty until the next episode of SALVATION is released.


Volta - A lone soldier and the main protagonist. Volta acquires the Staff of Alzav and joins the Resistance to help them stop Baxitus and his mechanical armies led by Volta's nemesis, Vadak, and save the galaxy.

Alzav - A being who opposed Baxitus and creator of the Staff of Alzav as well as the first leader of the Resistance.

Kelgar - Scholar and member of the Resistance who serves as one of its leaders.

Thirzon - An ill-tempered member of the Resistance who seeks revenge against the drones for killing most of his friends and the very being who betrayed him to Baxitus and Vadak.

Laxx - A member of the Resistance and former assassin and mercenary. He is the first Resistance fighter Volta encounters.

Nuulez - A healer, swordsman, and member of the Resistance. He is a friend of Laxx, who considers him a brother. Nuulez's people were the first people attacked by the drones and Nuulez longs for a peaceful end to the violent conflict.

Vadak - The cyborg general of Baxitus's drone army and the archenemy of Volta as well as the main antagonist. Vadak seeks to crush the Resistance, kill Volta, and destroy the Staff of Alzav as well as to conquer the galaxy.

Baxitus - A powerful being who is the driving force responsible for instigating the war that has torn the galaxy. Baxitus was exiled from his homeworld after a failed attempt to take over the planet. Baxitus is the creator of the drones fought by the Resistance and seeks the destruction of the Staff of Alzav.

Porak - Vadak's right hand lieutenant. Porak seeks to bring about the end of the Resistance so that Vadak can succeed in his goals.

Zaww - A skilled assassin and mercenary and friend of Laxx.


  • A prequel series called "The Time Before Time" takes place before the events of SALVATION.

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