Reign of Mesodax is TheShadowedOne1's third saga and is the sequel to Phantoka (Series) and Makuta (Series). It is the final part of the 3-part saga. It continues where MAKUTA left off, with Mesograk killing the Makuta (Group) while detailing the survivors of the final battle and their war with the monstrous tyrant and the madman Vezon.

Episodes and Upcoming

1. Empire of Madness (Released)

2. Rise of the Zyglak (Released)

3. The Madman's Plan (Released)

4. Death Touch (Released)

5. Cruel Vengeance (Released)

6. Dark Secrets (Released)

7. Corruption (In Pre-Production)

8. A Scourge Upon The World

9. Absolute Power (Part 1)

10. Absolute Power (Part 2)

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