Makuta Group


Members Edit

  • Antroz: The leader. Cunning, smart, and lethal, he leads the forces of the Makuta headfirst into everyone that opposes him. He is the most well-rounded member of the Makuta.

  • Chirox: The wisecracker. Always seems to get into trouble before everyone else does. Not very smart, but cunning when angered. Constantly ridiculed, but can make almost any situation more enjoyable.

  • Vamprah: The silent one. Smart, swift, and deadly, Vamprah prefers the subtle approach more than just brute force. What he is not in strength, makes up for in wits.

  • Krika: Leader of the Mistika Makuta. He, like Vamprah, is not the strongest, but what he lacks in strength he makes up for with his wits and battle tactics.

  • Bitil: The swordsman whose combat abilities rival many of the Makuta's.

  • Gorast: The murderous Makuta who prides herself in killing the weak and making others suffer. Gorast's anger gets the best of her a lot.

  • Icarax: Icarax was the strongest of the Makuta. He combines all the talents of the Makuta into one. Not the smartest, but knows enough to put the pieces of evidence together to make a realization.

Enemies Edit

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