'Go Boom!' was the first episode of Phantoka.

Plot Edit

Antroz, Chirox, and Vamprah, come out from the corner as the walk up to challenge the Barraki to see who will get their own series. The enemies start taunting each other as the Piraka come out and join the battle. The Makuta charge at the Barraki and Piraka. Antroz versus Pridak on top of a telescope, and the rest of the Makuta, Barraki, and Piraka battle down on the ground below. Meanwhile, during all the fighting, Vezon comes in riding Gadunka and fires his spear of fusion. Antroz ducks just in time as the spear's blast hits Zaktan and Kalmah, fusing them together to create a being, (as Vezon called it) "Zakmah!". Fortunately, before Vezon can command "Zakmah" to do anything, he notices one of the Barraki is missing. Carapar then comes flying down from the sky and crashes into Zakmah, knocking it out. Vezon then screams "What! Who did that?!" Vezon realizes that Takadox has done this and says "You are about to, as they say "Go Boom!" (No doubt, inspiration for the name of the Episode)". However, before Vezon can shoot, Antroz kicks him in the face. Vezon and Antroz fight. During the fight, Takadox hypnotizes Gadunka to fall on Vezon. Vezon is defeated, as everyone else is, except Pridak. As Avak and Takadox walk down the hall to get a smoothie, as Pridak is on the telescope saying that he is not yet finished, but is hit with a Tridax Pod, and falls to the ground. The Phantoka declare victory, and realize that they have their own series. As Chirox says, "Uh, Antroz, what do we do now?" and Antroz replies "I don't know..." as they head to go find something to do. Before they leave, Vamprah breaks the fourth wall by turning back and saying to the Audience "Stay Tuned..."

Quotes Edit

"Uh, Chirox, I thing we might have a problem."


"I've come with vengeance... and a new friend."


"What are you going to do with that? It's broken."

"Oh really?"

-Kalmah and Vezon

"This is what we're facing against! Pff! This is gonna be easy, "Attack of the Seafood"."

"Watch your tounge... if you had one!

"What did you say to me?"

"It's not my fault that you're deaf and stupid."

"You are SO goin' down!"

"Bring it on, meat... if you had any!"

-Argument between Chirox and Pridak

Trivia Edit

  • For unknown reasons, Vezon is partnered with Gadunka instead of Fenrakk.
  • This is one of the few times in the series that Vamprah talks.
  • It is unknown who launched the Tridax Pod that knocked out Pridak.
  • This is the only time that TSO1 puts Ehlek in a video. However, After this episode, he is taken apart to build Saylii.
  • Both Avak and Takadox's voices were inspired by YouTubers Xakano and Bioman472.
  • For unknown reasons, TSO1's voice sounds different in the Microphone he used after Phantoka ended.

Video Edit


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