"Don’t use my name. You’ll wear it out."

- Firlon

Firlon was a dangerous and cunning Bounty Hunter on the planet, Baxitus. He made his debut in the 5th episode of the SALVATION series. He was killed by Scarr.

Biography Edit

Firlon was one of the many Bounty Hunters who arrived in the Argun City Arena to participate in a contest that would decide who will hunt for the holder of the Staff of Alzav. The group of hunters immediately split up, each fighting for their lives. Firlon put up the best fight, slicing down drone after drone. However, his life would soon come to an end as Scarr saw an opportunity to destroy competition. He fired a shot that hit Firlon fight in the head, killing him instantly. His corpse fell to the ground as purple blood dripped from the hole in Firlon's skull.

Personality and Traits Edit

Firlon was an experienced and cunning hunter. He was a master of swords and knew many forms of combat on the planet that he had learned from his travels of hunting. He almost always succeeded in bringing his prey in dead or alive. His experience made him a top contender for many hirers which also made many hated adversaries like Scarr.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Firlon's weapons include twin, wing swords which could slice through the strongest armor. He also had four, acid tipped knifes on his arms which he could fire mentally.

Notes Edit

  • Firlon was created and voiced by SeanMorganProductions in SALVATION #5: Bounty Hunters.