"Revenge will be mine!"

- Corixx

Corixx is one of Baxitus' most dangerous Lieutenant's and the traitor who caused the destruction of Thirzon's people, the Thrakk.

Biography Edit

Corixx was once a member of a smaller class of Thrakk. He was a brilliant, but jealous engineer that rivaled all others. Before the great war, Corixx was in line to become Thrakk leader. However, he lost it to Thrakk commander, Thirzon whom he felt would lead them to their destruction. His ambitions thwarted, Corixx severed all ties with his friends and workers as his jealously consumed him. He waited years until Baxitus arrived on the planet. After the Warlord revealed his true intentions, Corixx took this as an opportunity for revenge. He joined with Baxitus and became one of his first allies. It was then where he developed a deep hatred for Porak who was the first one to join with Baxitus. Corixx became a lieutenant after conquering many homelands, but he hadn't achieved his true goal: Conquering the Thrakk homeland. It wasn't until Vadak had arrived on the planet that Baxitus approved of Corixx's plan to attack. Vadak would lead the forces and Corixx would supply the information to get past the defenses and fortress. Vadak along with Corixx attacked the Thrakk city. Corixx revealed himself to Thirzon and explains that it was because of him that this carnage had befallen their homeland. Thirzon renounces Corixx and battles him. The traitorous Corixx was defeated and forever exiled, however it wasn't long until the Thrakk homeland fell by Vadak's hand. Corixx celebrated it as a victory despite Thirzon's escape. He was punished for his failure and still continues to hunt for Thirzon to this day.

Personality and Traits Edit

Corixx is cold, cruel, and sadistic. He is also incredibly jealous of Thirzon and Porak who have both taken away high positions of power from him.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Corixx carries a Plasma Cannon, his personal favorite weapon, capable of firing powerful plasma bolts that can destroy or melt nearly any kind of armor. It is also a powerful flame-thrower in conjunction.

Notes Edit

  • Corixx will make his first appearance in SALVATION #7: Shroud of Oppression.

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