"My grand empire was created for a simple purpose. To end destruction, fear, and death..."

- Zokorak


The Confederacy of Illusions was formed by Zokorak and served as its leader for thousands of years until his death and Mesograk took over. It's purpose was to end destruction and death even by means of killing everyone that is a part of it. Zokorak's rule was a great empire, but Mesograk's was a horrible dictatorship.


- Zokorak (First leader of the Confederacy)

- Mesograk (Second leader of the Confederacy)

- Saylii

- Irekus

- Garnuk

- Notris

- Tahzal

- Frenzy

- Grapen

- Slither

- Megdeth

- Mesak

- Hyloss

- Slalek

- Morturn

- Monerk

- Slantin

- Onatu

- Krusaku

- Lenirs

- Deziprak

- Vranizam

- Zombraks (Zokorak's Army)

- Skeletaks (Mesograk's Army)

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